Note From The Editor

supersour3_smallWelcome to, the new cannabis culture blog in the Valley of the Sun. We focus on bringing you the latest cannabis art, health, news, events, strain reviews, and real life experiences.

This is an exiting time for the cannabis industry. Recent legislation may have just put the power to legalize marijuana in the state’s hands. There are rumors that the DEA is expected to finally move it from a Schedule I to Schedule II drug. Medical marijuana is legal in Arizona and although last November’s legalization efforts failed, it was only by a small margin. That is all great news for recreational legalization in Arizona by 2018.

In addition, the DEA approved a synthetic form of THC last week, which supports what many have known for some time – the medical benefits of marijuana for ailments from nausea to seizures. Unfortunately, due to leftover Reefer Madness-stigma, we are about 100 years behind in studying the uses for cannabis in medicine.

We at WEEDPHX believe marijuana is a legitimate medicine and a safer alternative to alcohol and tobacco.  There’s certainly more work to do. I look forward to being on the forefront and sharing my experiences with you along the way.



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