WEED 101: Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies

cookiesI am not a gourmet but I know my way around in the kitchen. If you have a favorite homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe, or any cookie really. I suggest starting with that. I will focus on making the cannabis oil for the cookies in this blog post.

Follow the recipe as you normally would, however instead of adding butter, we are substituting cannabis infused coconut oil. This is a recipe I refined from my college days.

First you will need to get a tea bag – the folded over kind. Gently tear one end away from the string, empty its contents, and lay it flat. Next you will need to grind about a quarter ounce of flower and fill the teabag. Here I used Big Kush a hybrid from Bloom Phoenix.

bagStaple the open end shut. Then, take the butter/oil in the recipe — mine calls for 1 cup, which I reduced to 3/4 cup coconut oil — put it in a small sauce pan on low heat setting four.

Once heated, add the cannabis tea bag browning it on each side for roughly four to five minutes. PRO TIP: Start with seam side down, sometimes the oil will open it up and flower gets in the oil. WATCH CAREFULLY! You do not want the oil to burn. The marijuana in the bag will turn brown when completely cooked. The oil will be a clear but deep brownish color. Be sure to drain the tea bag before you throw it out.

oilWhen the oil has cooled, continue mixing the recipe as usual. Top with the keef from grinding before baking. If you are new to edibles, I suggest trying a half a cookie and waiting an hour or so to see how you feel. Then go from there.

If you have a recipe you would like to share, send it to weedbetty@weedphx.com

WeedBetty “Crocker”

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