Managing Stage Four Cancer Symptoms with Cannabis

christyA few weeks ago I had the privilege of going on an overnight adventure with a dear friend of mine from childhood, Kiki, who just happens to have stage four cancer.  She was visiting from Texas where cannabis is still illegal even for medicinal purposes. Currently Kiki has to get low grade marijuana from an underground dealer with no information as to what type of strain it is, what the THC content is, how or where it is grown, or who the money is going to.

Upon arriving in Phoenix, she was somehow able to acquire medical marijuana. Throughout that 24 hours, I watched my friend manage her pain using cannabis as an alternative to highly addictive morphine. She says it’s prescribed at such a high dose she can’t think clearly when she takes it. Plus it has the uncomfortable side effect of making you chronically constipated.

On our way to Holbrook, we stopped at Dairy Queen had a toke and a bite of lunch. I witnessed my friend’s nausea from her last round of radiation slowly subside so she could eat just enough to keep her going. At the hotel, we snuck off to the courtyard like criminals to light up before dinner just so she could once again eat in comfort.

Throughout that night, Kiki toked to stay comfortable in the hotel bed because she still has pain from having 3/4 of her right lung removed two years ago (yes, I get the irony here.) In the morning feeling rested, she smoked again before breakfast and, we were off to have some fun.

I really struggle with the thought of sending Kiki home where she will not get the medicine she truly needs to manage her symptoms. I love you my beautiful friend and will cherish our adventure. You are a true hero and the inspiration for this blog.

We at WeedPHX believe marijuana is a legitimate medicine and a safer alternative to alcohol and tobacco.

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