Fourth Annual Phoenix Cannabis Business Expo

As I entered the Phoenix Convention Center on Tuesday morning, I was curious as to what I would find. My first thought was that of old hippies that looked like “the Dude.” Then I thought, “It’s 2017. Times have changed.” These are business professionals just like at any other industry conference. I changed my attitude and for the first time in my professional career, I was actually excited attend one of these things.

The conference opened with a Cannabis “State of The Union Address” from Arizona State Representative Mark Cardenas, D.  As a former military police officer, Cardenas opposed cannabis and only recently became a supporter of medical after his sister was diagnosed with lupus. His outlook was that adult use would pass in Arizona in 2018.

Attendees had the opportunity to have intimate conversations with industry powerhouses such as Dasheeda Dawson of Mary Jane Marketing, Nancy Whiteman of Wana Brands, and Amy Donahue of Hybrid Social (pictured above from left to right.)  Keynote speakers included Derek Riedle of Civilized and Marvin Washington, Sarara Corva, and Jimmy Carberry of UNDOO.

The knowledge gained from attending was invaluable in terms of in-depth market analytics, product exposure, and networking. It’s speculated that attendance was much lower than it would have been if Prop 205 passed last November.

Best promo items go to: dope magazine for the grinder, BIOHAZARDINC for the Lock and Load chillum, Advanced Nutrients for the wax containers, and Boveda for handy flower humidity control packs.

Special thanks to all of the vendors, sponsors, and speakers.

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