Product Review: OOZE Weeper Water Bubbler Vaporizer Kit

Having only recently started smoking cannabis again after a 15  year hiatus, there are lots of new products to explore including wax, oil, shatter, and dabs. Especially now that medical is legal in Arizona. As a novice to the dab world, it was suggested that I start with a simple rig such as the OOZE Weeper, which I purchased at 25% off $53 for the 420 holiday.

The directions are simple and easy to use. The battery comes charged so you don’t have to wait for hours to check it out and it had all of the parts indicated. Everything seems to be of quality construction. So, let’s give it a go.

I packed a bb size ball of Canamo Vanilla Kush shatter I purchased at Kind Meds on the coil, clicked my ruby slippers five times, and off I went. I took a medium size inhale not knowing what to expect, waited several seconds, and exhaled. Hmm. Did it again. Did it again. Well, you get it.

Slowly a really pleasant and only what I can call a clean, mellow high came over me. It wasn’t quite as intense as I was expecting at 65% THC. I thought that would be a respectable start for someone who only smokes flower. I am not convinced that this is quite the “dab” experience I keep hearing about, but I have a really nice new vape pen. I look forward to exploring it further in a future post.

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