Strain of the Day: Candy Apple

THC: In process of being tested will update

Hybrid: Blue Dream/Pineapple

Appearance: Loose light green buds covered orange-red pistils and sparkling crystals

Scent: In the jar it smells like fruit but when it is freshly ground it takes on an ammonia smell

Flavor: Very strong unique flavor on the pull having a medium bodied smoke, which I found harsh on the throat

High: A very light, mellow high that creeps on slowly peaking at about ten minutes and lasting only a little over a half an hour. This may be good for a first time high or someone who likes a mellower experience

Dispensary: Arizona Natural Remedies

Strain of the Day: Aloha


Appearance: Large1/8th sized light green bud covered in light orange wispy pistils and sparkly crystals

Scent: Freshly ground it smells of fruit and grass

Flavor: Nice fresh light bodies smoke with very little to no aftertaste

High: Nice friendly high comes on slowly and peaks about 15 minutes in. Great for concentration

Dispensary: Desert Rose