Dispensary of the Week: Emerald

Emerald 7/28/17

This was the first time I had entered Emerald dispensary which is owned by Infusion and here’s what I thought.

Location: It is located in a strip mall that is somewhat unlikely location and in a less than desirable area on Dunlap avenue.

New Patient Specials: New patient specials included 20% off your first order, a free gram, and edible.

Deals: They have a patient reward system and on certain days may offer double points. Veterans and seniors get 10% off, and industry agents get a %15 discount. 

Knowledgeable Staff: I learned something new. Gummies are digested sublingually meaning the THC is sprayed on in the sugar and you should start feeling it about 15 minutes after intake. I was pleasantly surprised by this since I always considered them the same as a brownie that had to be digested through the liver.

Ambiance: The inside was well laid out with an open floor plan. It was very clean and modern.

Price: Overall the prices seemed reasonable with the discount.

Selection: Since it is an Infusion dispensary, you are limited to their menu items. They cook all their own meds.

Quality of Product: Since they cook all of their own meds, I will say the edibles were consistent.

Displays: The display shelves weren’t overcrowded. Each budtender has their own station which is nice but if you want to see their selection of edibles or drinks, you have to walk through the store. Also the flower is kept in a glass case so you can’t freely view and smell it.

Safety: There was an unassuming security guard on staff.

PRO TIP: There are no forms to fill out.

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