Strain of the Week: Banana Diesel


CBD: .02%

Strain: Indica

Appearance: Lightly frosted purple and bright green buds with fiery orange pistils

Scent: In the jar and freshly ground it smells like a pine tree.

Flavor: Medium bodied smoke with a sweet pleasant earthy marijuana aftertaste

High: Comes on strong immediately. Full body elevating and inspiring high. Great for pain and insomnia

Dispensary: Arizona Natural Remedies

Strain of the Week: Dr. Who

THC: 23.3%

CBD: .11%

Strain: Hybrid

Appearance: Completely frosted purple and bright green buds

Scent: Very distinct aroma like a strong fermented cheese

Flavor: Ultra light smoke tastes spicy like pepper on the pull and earthy on the exhale

High: Comes on strong immediately. Great for focus, concentration and creativity

Dispensary: Arizona Natural Remedies

Dispensary of the Week: Nature’s Medicines

Nature’s Medicines was the first dispensary I went to when I got my medical card a couple of years ago. I recently had the opportunity to visit again and here is what I thought.

Location: It is located in an Industrial area just off the I-10 and McDowell.

New Patient Specials: Buy any Deli Style eighth to receive a Deli Style eighth of equal value free or 20% off your first purchase.

Knowledgeable Staff: My budtender Nicole went out of her way to visit the other side of the dispensary to see if they had a better selection.

Price: Overall I believe Nature’s Medicines has some of the lowest prices in town with $20 eighths and $160 ounces of lower grade flower.

Selection: This is a small operation with a pretty large selection of flower, edibles, and concentrates.

Quality of Product: I purchased an eighth of San Fernando Valley and was not impressed but that was my fault for opting to try something I had never heard of.

Displays: The flower is displayed in large mason jars however they are popcorn buds and not nearly as impressive as other places. They are not easily available to view and smell.

Safety: There is no security guard on staff that I can see. However, they have a security entrance where they screen all patients so it does feel like a safe experience.

PRO TIP: This dispensary takes ATM Cards.