Dispensary of the Week: Arizona Natural Remedies

I have been to Arizona Natural Remedies a few times now and I have to say being a flower person, it is always a treat to go. Here’s why…

Location: It is located in an Industrial area off of the I-17 that is somewhat unlikely location and well hidden from view.

New Patient Specials: You get a free preroll and percentage off your order.

Deals: Their best deals are 20% off edibles on Mondays, 20% off wax and concentrates on Wednesdays, 20% off all ounces on Fridays, and no tax Saturdays. You get 10% off your purchase if you are an early bird 10am to noon daily.

Knowledgeable Staff: By working with the budtenders here to find quality THC strains, I have begun to learn more about how terpenes impact your high. Brandon and Jess have helped me save a lot time and money by pointing me to high quality and pretty flowers such as Dr. Who and Banana Diesel who are supplied by TruMed.

Ambiance: The inside is nothing special however, they have the nicest display of flowers in town. Giant mason jars filled. If you ask nicely, they will pull out some of the finest looking buds.

Price: Overall I believe Arizona Natural Remedies has the best deals in town with ounces of shake for $75 and Ounces of bud $125. On Fridays ounces are 20% off.

Selection: This is a small operation with decent selection of Wax and Vapes. I am a flower girl and this is where this dispensary shines.

Quality of Product: Every recommendation from the  Budtenders Brandon and Jess have been consistently good. I have opted for the higher THC strains, which give me a very pleasant experience such as Oathkeeper and Chronic Thunder.

Displays: Although the cannabis is under glass, this is my favorite display. They have giant plain mason jars filled with consistently trimmed Christmas tree buds. I always ask for nice looking ones because I photograph what I smoke and they never let me down.

Safety: There is no security guard on staff that I can see. However, they have built out a wall and screen the entrance so it does feel like a safe experience.

PRO TIP: Be sure to ask your budtender what strains they recommend here, they know what they are talking about. If you are a new user be sure to ask for test results whenever available.

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