Enhance Your Experience with Sublime’s Stoni Yoni

I recently had the pleasure of sampling Sublime’s Stoni Yoni personal massage oil. I am not as familiar with topicals as I am with flower so I have to say I was somewhat skeptical about how cannabis would work in the bedroom, at first.

When the time was right, I applied two applicators full to my yoni. Within ten minutes, I felt warm, swollen, and aroused. I also noticed that I was a little numb for added fun. Apparently the vagina has a high concentration of cannabinoid receptors and benefits from topical application as well.

My husband fully agreed that it enhanced our sex and it lasted long enough for round two. We found the whole experience to be quite pleasurable and intend to use it again.

A little went a long way and that feeling stuck around some time afterwards. Need I say more…

Stoney Yoni is only part of their feminine hygiene line. Sublime is proud to announce the launch of Stoney Yoni Essential Health a new blend of cannabis, coconut, rose, chamomile, and lavender meant to fight yeast, bacteria, and infection. Learn more at sublime.com.

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