Product of the Week: Baked Bros 10 mg Kush Watermelon Slices

I had the afternoon off before I started a new job so I took 2 (10 mg) Baked Bros kush watermelon slices for some back pain. These are some sour gummies that stick to your teeth.

I prefer these because they are not sublingual. You digest the gummy wait about an hour or so and have a very pleasant relaxing high that last several hours.

Dispensary of the Week: Arizona Natural Selections Scottsdale

I had the opportunity to stop in Natural Selections over the weekend and here is what I thought.

Location: Pretty far out of the way in a nondescript location next to the Scottsdale Quarters Shopping Center.

Deals: Tuesday & Wednesday Special – 2 Cartridges for $68  or -2G of Wax for $68

Knowledgeable Staff: Our bud tender was pleasant and friendly and had a good knowledge of the product on hand. He was able to answer all of our questions and make suggestions like orange cookies based on my individual needs.

Ambiance: The pharmacy is brand new and very modern inside. It is a very pleasant and comfortable shopping experience.

Price: Prices seem to be average based on the number of dispensaries I have visited over the last year or two.

Selection: One of the best stocked dispensaries in town. They always have Baked Bro’s 300 mg Kush Watermelon slices, which are a household favorite.

Displays: Very modern display cases. Well lit with a good number of selections for each type of product. The best display is the live plant showcased at the entrance.

Quality of Product: I have been completely satisfied with every purchase of edibles and flowers I have made. Be sure to ask the bud tender for suggestions.

Safety: There is a security guard on site at the door.

PRO TIP:  Get their early because they close at 7:00 PM.

Weed 101: Weed Brownies

If you like edibles, trying to make you own is a must. For really easy to make brownies, I buy Pillsbury Milk Chocolate to start. I follow their instructions however, before I add the 2/3 cup coconut oil, I infuse it with Cannabis.

I do this by taking 1/2 oz of shake. I got mine from Arizona Natural Remedies for $75 an oz. I put the shake into 2 tea bags and staple them shut. I heat the oil on low browning each side of the bag for roughly five minutes on each side stirring constantly. The oil will look dark green in color when it is ready. Be careful not to burn it.

Continue making brownies as directed. Once they are done. Test them by eating no more that half a normal brownie portion to see what your tolerance is. Happy baking!

Strain of the Week: Sour Apple Kush

Strain: Hybrid

Appearance: bright green buds with orange hairs

Scent: Freshly ground it smells like pine and fruit

Flavor: Sour and harsh heavy smoke that burns your throat on the pull, sweeter on the exhale

High: Comes on strong immediately lasting just under two hours. More of a heady high great for introspection.

Dispensary: Swell on Camelback