Weed 101: Weed Brownies

If you like edibles, trying to make you own is a must. For really easy to make brownies, I buy Pillsbury Milk Chocolate to start. I follow their instructions however, before I add the 2/3 cup coconut oil, I infuse it with Cannabis.

I do this by taking 1/2 oz of shake. I got mine from Arizona Natural Remedies for $75 an oz. I put the shake into 2 tea bags and staple them shut. I heat the oil on low browning each side of the bag for roughly five minutes on each side stirring constantly. The oil will look dark green in color when it is ready. Be careful not to burn it.

Continue making brownies as directed. Once they are done. Test them by eating no more that half a normal brownie portion to see what your tolerance is. Happy baking!

Weed 101: How to Roll A Better Joint

I recently found myself without a roller and oh my am I out of practice. I searched the net for a few tips I thought I’d share.

Tip 1: Find a good rolling paper like unbleached hemp and make sure it is the right size for the occasion.

Tip 2: Grind your medical marijuana so it rolls more evenly.

Tip 3: Use a crutch or a tip to avoid inhaling green while you are smoking.

Tip 4: Double check that there are no seeds or stems.

Tip 5: Use your thumb and index fingers to roll outward in to avoid a pregnant joint.

Happy  rolling! Enjoy Responsibly.

WEED 101: How to Roll a Hash Oil Joint

Photo Courtesy of Jimmy’s Joints

Step 1: Dab cannabis oil onto your paper

Step 2: Lay a second paper on top and smooth it out

Photo Courtesy of Jimmy’s Joints

PRO TIP: For easier rolling keep the papers slightly askew

Step 3: Roll joint as you normally would

Step 4: Enjoy responsibly.

Photo Courtesy of Jimmy’s Joints

*You will notice the areas with the oil will burn a bit slower


WEED 101: How to Make Kief

Today I got to work in the kitchen with a master while he made kief from scratch. Pulling out a wood S&M Kief Box he began slowly tumbling about nine ounces of trim over a silk screen.

Slowly a layer of powder began to collect in the bottom of the box like flour. I couldn’t tell how thick it was until he scraped it in a heap. Collecting 6.15 grams of kief, he took the remaining trim to make butter for cookies. I’ll save that for another post.

PRO TIP: For best results, trim must be frozen for at least 3 days.