Weed 101: Weed Brownies

If you like edibles, trying to make you own is a must. For really easy to make brownies, I buy Pillsbury Milk Chocolate to start. I follow their instructions however, before I add the 2/3 cup coconut oil, I infuse it with Cannabis.

I do this by taking 1/2 oz of shake. I got mine from Arizona Natural Remedies for $75 an oz. I put the shake into 2 tea bags and staple them shut. I heat the oil on low browning each side of the bag for roughly five minutes on each side stirring constantly. The oil will look dark green in color when it is ready. Be careful not to burn it.

Continue making brownies as directed. Once they are done. Test them by eating no more that half a normal brownie portion to see what your tolerance is. Happy baking!